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Developer: Dramatis Personae Games

Publisher: Juggernaut Entertainment


Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

Press/Business Contact:

Price: Free


A wholesome, lighthearted visual novel where you play as a college student that meets students and helps them become their true selves. Who you are and the kinds of people you vibe with are completely up to you in this cute, choice-heavy experience.

We all have issues or insecurities that weigh us down. To fit in with the rest of the world, we hide them from others. But what if the best way to connect with people, while simultaneously overcoming these challenges, was to help each other through them?

"Curtain Call" is about discovering who we really are and sharing it with the world. Chill out with new friends in this low stakes, stress-free environment. At the same time, help them through their daily struggles so they can get the most out of life. It's an experience that's full of whimsical charm and emotional moments with a focus on engaging, relatable lived experiences. Combined with a unique day/night mechanic, trust meter, and locations system, the fun to be had in this college experience is completely up to you!


  • 5 different endings across 4 characters (including 1 secret ending/character)

  • Replay to discover tons of branching narratives and unlock new art in the gallery menu. 6 save slots are available to make replayability a breeze. 1 to 1.5 hours per playthrough.

  • Be your genuine self: choose your name and imagine yourself to be whatever gender, orientation, or personality you want. The main character has been designed for you to fill in.

  • Have fun with 3 characters with distinct personalities, ranging from infectious positivity to quirky social awkwardness. Some of them might even be open to something more romantic...

  • Featuring a cast with relatable struggles, from dealing with academic burnout to trust issues from past bullying experiences

  • Build relationships using layered choices (how often/where/when to hang out with who) and conversation choices to improve your trust meter with characters. The higher it is, the closer you are to breaking through their mask.

  • Novel gameplay mechanics: trust meter, day/night cycle, locations system

  • LGBTQ+, BIPOC representation included!





Visual Novel, Narrative Game, Dating Sim


PC, Mac




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