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Join the army of Bladers & defeat your opponent and become the best Blader of all time!

Bladers: Multiplayer is a realistic and exhilarating online multiplayer game which allows players to clash with other real-time online players in one-on-one spinning tops online multiplayer battle. Players can either play with friends or with online players. Join the battle!

Available on Google Play. Coming soon to iOS. Juggernaut bringing it to Switch Q4 of 2022.


Curtain Call is a visual novel focused on getting to know three characters: Arjun, Billie, and Jodie. By going on dates and having conversations with them, players will explore the people behind the masks-literally, and ultimately discover what lies beyond their societal projections.

Cracking the masks takes careful intention. Players must learn and truly understand who these characters are in order to make correct dialogue choices, gain their trust, and crack their masks.

Coming to PC and Mac 04/26/2022.


Solar Cage is a challenging parkour-shooter that takes place in the distant future, where a majority of humanity has been converted into mechanical monstrosities. They’ve built a Dyson sphere surrounding the Sun, using its energy to fuel their highly inefficient lifestyle. Using something known as the CATALYST, their consciousness exists as a copy of their original brain within these bodies. You play as JANITOR-2828, a designated cleaning robot who is suddenly contacted by an unknown entity. Your abilities are upgraded from cleaning to being able to jump, wall run, and slide with ease. It was even nice enough to give you a signature rail gun. All of these achieve a simple task: BLOW UP THE SUN.

Coming to Steam 12/21/2021.


Alexei Ananenko, Valeri Bezpalov, and Boris Baranov. These three men undertook a selfless mission to drain water trapped beneath the Chernobyl nuclear reactors in the immediate aftermath of the blast, and Liquidators is the only game that lets players experience how they managed to contain this catastrophe. Based on true events, this first-person, survival horror experience will have you traverse the radioactive bowels of the blast site. Each liquidator has their own set of skills, from stamina to crawling in vents, that gives players a variety of ways to approach the hazardous challenges between them and restabilizing the reactor core. Whether they all make it out, or more importantly, succeed at all, is in your hands.

Available on Steam. Juggernaut bringing it soon to Xbox.

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Do you have what it takes to save this movie?

Beat the Beat Up! is a VR action/rhythm game, where you fight to the beat as the star of your very own Bollywood blockbuster! The script: a local don has sent out his goons to terrorize your village, and just like any good desi hero, only you can stop them. Rack up your score, clear the streets and save the village as you Beat the Beat Up!

Available on Steam, Oculus App Labs, and SideQuest.



The first of our experimental titles, which are short experiences that introduce novel gameplay concepts for our players to try out. 

Grapple with the impossible. Fly between incomprehensible galaxies. Find beauty through the chaos.

Available now on Steam.